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We proudly announce that our company, Factory X d.o.o. has been awarded the status of Top Workplace by Luppa!

The Top Workplace award is more than just recognition – it is a confirmation of our dedicated efforts in creating a work environment that fosters employee engagement, loyalty, and overall satisfaction. Luppa is an essential part of our strategy.

Luppa provides us with automated and swift access to research results, but more importantly, it offers us concrete insights. In our journey towards the Top Workplace award, Luppa has been a crucial tool enabling us to understand the thoughts and feelings of our employees on a deeper level.

We expect this recognition to strengthen our reputation and trust among employees and to inspire new projects and collaborations.

Luppa is not just a tool for collecting data on employee engagement and satisfaction; it is a key partner in shaping positive changes in our company.

This award encourages us to continue working towards creating an even better working environment. We look forward to future projects and collaborations stemming from this exceptional recognition!

Learn more about the Top Workplace award:

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